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Value Intelligence Conference 2017

This year’s Value Intelligence Conference for institutional investors will take place on June 20 at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. We have again been able to line up a number of leading international value investors and academics. The presentations focus on ideas for value-oriented fund and stock selection. The event is targeted at long-term-oriented institutional fund investors.

Highlights of this year’s conference are: an academic discussion about how relevant artificial intelligence is for portfolio investments, a keynote on the current economic and political perspectives of South Korea, China and Vietnam, as well as presentations by numerous renowned value-oriented fund managers focusing on, e.g., global value (Skagen), European value (EVP), contrarian value (Kopernik), global infrastructure (RARE), gold mines (Gabelli), sustainability (Acatis), emerging markets & ESG (Nordea), global small caps (Royce) and European dividend-bearing securities (Danske). As every year, the conference will close with a best ideas panel in which every fund manager and VIA as the host will share their best investment ideas.



Caesar Bryan

Caesar Bryan manages our GAMCO International Growth Fund and Gabelli Gold Fund. He is also a member of the global investment team which is responsible for the GAMCO Global Growth Fund and the GAMCO Global Opportunity Fund. In addition, he is on the management team of the GAMCO Global Gold and Natural Resources & Income Trust. He has been with GAMCO Investors, Inc. since 1994.

Topic: Opportunities in senior & junior gold miners


Bill Hench 

Bill is portfolio manager at Royce & Associates, where he implements a value investment style, focusing on small- and micro-cap companies with low price-to-book and price-to-sales ratios. He seeks to identify companies trading at discounts to his estimate of their worth that fall within one of four distinctive themes: unrecognized asset values; turnarounds; undervalued growth; and interrupted earnings.

Topic: Low multiple global small cap opportunities


Dave Iben

David (Dave) Iben is the sole portfolio manager of the Kopernik Global All-Cap strategy, lead portfolio manager of the Kopernik Global Unconstrained strategy, co-portfolio manager of the Kopernik Global Real Asset strategy and co-portfolio manager of the Kopernik International strategy.  He is the managing member, founder and chairman of the Board of Governors of Kopernik Global Investors.

Topic: Contrarian views on railways, hydropower & uranium


Richard Elmslie

Richard Elmslie is a founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer of RARE Infrastructure. As a Senior Portfolio Manager, Richard is involved in assessing and critiquing research on all strategies and ensuring the smooth operation of the firm. Prior to founding RARE in 2006, Richard spent 19 years in the global infrastructure sector, including five years as Head of Power and Joint Head of Infrastructure at UBS Investment Bank.

Topic: A value strategy in rare infrastructure stocks


Emily Leveille

Emily Leveille is a member of the portfolio team of the Nordea Emerging Stars funds . She is responsible for all research for Latin America and with her academic roots in political science, she developed a holistic expertise in ESG analysis.

Topic: Integrating ESG in fundamental research


Tom Stubbe Olsen

Tom Stubbe Olsen is the Founder and Portfolio Manager at EVP. He designed the firm’s investment strategy and he has established himself as one of the leading value investors in Europe. Prior to forming EVP in 2007, Tom was the Head of Value Funds at Nordea Investment Fund S.A.

Topic: European value investing


Dr. Christian Osendorfer

Dr. Christian Osendorfer, researcher for   NNAISENSE, works on the topic of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Main focus of his work, which can also be applied to stock picking and portfolio construction, are learning algorithms that identify patterns in large datasets autonomously.

Topic: Artificial intelligence – the value machine


Dr. Karl Pilny

Dr. Karl Pilny is considered one of the most profound experts on Asia and Japan in Germany. He works as author and lawyer in Berlin and also as capital market expert in Zurich. With his consulting firm asia 21 gmbh, he develops and analyzes investment ideas for the capital market as described in his book “Investment Guide Asia”. Through a holistic approach, Pilny tries to understand the current trends and developments in Asia in their historical context.

Topic: Korea Inc. – Value with a catalyst?


Lars Thørs

Lars Thørs is responsible for the strategy and asset management of European and Global equities at Danske Invest. The department consists of 16 portfolio managers and analysts and has around 11 million EUR under management. Lars has more than 30 years of experience with investment banking, investment management, life & pension and risk management in the investment industry.

Topic: European high-dividend opportunities


Rainer Unterstaller

Rainer Unterstaller is managing partner at ACATIS Fair Value Investment AG and responsible for the ESG advisory of all fund products. Through a combination of exclusion-, negative- and positive-criteria, the ESG strategies differentiate significantly from mainstream best-in-class products.

Topic: Benefit from Value and sustainability


Filip Weintraub

Filip Weintraub is portfolio manager of the concentrated global equity fund, SKAGEN Focus. Between 2010 and 2015 he was founder and portfolio manager at Labrusca Family Office, Stockholm. In 2015, he returned to SKAGEN Funds to run the high-concentration SKAGEN Focus fund. Filip applies an active stock picking bottom-up approach focusing on individual companies, independent of geographic markets and industries.

Topic: Global & focussed value investing


Prof. Thorsten Hens

Prof. Thorsten Hens, director of the Swiss Banking and Finance Institute at the University of Zurich, is among the top academic authorities in the German-speaking world ad also on the advisory board of Value Intelligence GmbH.

Topic: Buffett-human versus Buffett-machine


The Value Intelligence Conference is an event for institutional fund investors and limited to 150 participants. The conference has always been fully booked. Therefore, we can only confirm attendance for people who are not institutional investors four weeks prior to the conference. For investors of the Value Intelligence Fund, participation is free of charge. Institutional fund investors pay 230 EUR. For all other participants the registration fee is 380 EUR. Please send your registration via e-mail to


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