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On Tuesday, June 4, we once again present leading academics and successful value investors to institutional investors at the

Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich (new room: Palaishalle).


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Value Intelligence Conference 2019

This year’s Value Intelligence Conference for institutional investors will take place on June 4 at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. We have again been able to line up a number of leading international value investors and academics. The presentations focus on ideas for value-oriented fund and stock selection. The event is targeted at long-term oriented institutional fund investors.

This year`s main topic: "Risks, risk management and opportunities in times of secular trend change". We will present you interesting "contrarians" who will find suitable answers to complex asset allocation and stock selection questions, even in volatile and demanding markets.

We are pleased that the following speakers have confirmed: Felix Zulauf, Zulauf Asset Management; Dave Iben, Kopernik Global All-Cap Fund; Caesar Bryan, Gabelli Gold Fund and Crispin Odey, founder and well-known contrarian hedge fund manager at Odey Asset Management. Furthermore, we present our advisory board member, Prof. Thorsten Hens, University of Zurich; Prof. Xuewu Gu, a designated East Asia expert from the University of Bonn and Boris Hofmann, research advisor and author of the study "The rise of zombie firms: causes and consequences" from the Bank for International Settlements.

Speakers (i.a.)



Felix Zulauf, Zulauf Consulting

Felix Zulauf is considered one of the most internationally renowned asset managers. In 1990, he founded Zulauf Asset Management AG to implement his investment philosophy free of conventional institutional restrictions. He also works for his consulting clients across all continents on macro trends and asset allocation.



Dave Iben, Kopernik Global Investors

David Iben is a highly regarded, deep-value-minded contrarian investor with 37 years of investment experience. As the CIO, founder and Lead Portfolio Manager of Kopernik Global Investors he is responsible for more than USD 3.5 billion of assets.



Crispin Odey, Odey Asset Managment

Crispin Odey established Odey Asset Management in 1991 and today heads Investment Management. He applies an industrialist’s approach to investing and is looking out for out-of-favour but fundamentally strong companies where management and Crispin share a vision for recovery. He is active in all asset classes, all regions and all currencies. He does not limit himself to a single style such as growth or value but aims to pick the right style, as an analytical template, for the specific time.



Prof. Xuewu Gu, University of Bonn

Prof. Dr. Xuewu Gu holds the chair in International Relations and is director of the Center for Global Studies at the University of Bonn. Professor Gu’s main topics of research encompass theories of international relations and global power shift. In this capacity, he actively shapes China’s reception of the public as well as the forming of opinion concerning Asian politics within the German-speaking countries.



Prof. Thorsten Hens, University of Zurich

Prof. Thorsten Hens, director of the Swiss Banking and Finance Institute at the University of Zurich, is among the top academic authorities in the German-speaking world and also on the advisory board of Value Intelligence Advisors GmbH.



Caesar Bryan, Gabelli Funds

Caesar Bryan has worked for Gabelli Funds since 1994 and manages the GAMCO Gold Fund. He is also a member of the global investment team which is responsible for the GAMCO Global Growth Fund, the GAMCO Global Opportunity Fund and, in addition, for two closed-end funds. Prior to joining Gabelli Funds Caesar was responsible for managing the Lexington Gold Fund.



Boris Hofmann, BIZ

Boris Hofmann first joined the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) in 2011. Before taking up his current assignment as a Research Adviser in 2018, he was Principal Economist in the BIS's Monetary Policy Unit. Prior to joining BIS, he was Senior Economist in the ECB's Monetary Policy Strategy Division, Economist in the Economics Department of the Deutsche Bundesbank and Research Officer at the Centre for European Integration Studies of the University of Bonn.



Stefan Rehder, VIA

Stefan Rehder is founder and managing director of VIA GmbH and passionate vale investor. He has over 32 years of investment experience and is fund advisor of the Value Intelligence Fonds AMI as well as the Value Intelligence ESG Fonds AMI.



Thomas Wiedemann, VIA

Thomas Wiedemann joined Value Intelligence Advisors as research analyst in May 2012. He is a certified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). In 2013 he rounded off his value-specific education with a value investing seminar of Prof. Bruce Greenwald at Columbia University, New  York.


The Value Intelligence Conference is an event for institutional fund investors and limited to 120 participants. The conference has always been fully booked. Therefore, we can only confirm attendance for people who are not institutional investors four weeks prior to the conference.


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